If you want to be unhappy, uncomfortable, and insecure, just spend your life trying to do something that is not right for you. It is just like trying to wear shoes that don’t fit. Joyce Meyer (via onlinecounsellingcollege)

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Sundown at the Badshahi Mosque by A | M on Flickr.

MIDDAY 12:16 P.M. Jeans weather. Long sleeves for the AC. Bike to newsstand, the yogurt place, the good dry cleaner. Try to find appropriate birthday card for J. Unsuccessful. Return to see neighbor has draped his fire escape in Tibetan prayer flags—for the World Cup? Fourth of July? Both?


Melbourne : I am looking for someone to share my sunny studio with in The Nicholas Building as of September 1. Please e-mail for details :: stanislava@m-i-s-o.com

If I wasn’t struggling to pay my bills as it is I’d be all over this, I’m working on an exhibition at the moment and I’d love a decent space… but one of my followers may have the resources!

I love this sign. It’s like pointing me to my destiny.
Get centered and calm yourself down. An anxious mind can’t take you where you need to go. Recognize that true power resides within you, never outside of you. Keep your eyes on the prize and don’t allow yourself to be thrown off course. There is power in the pursuit of your dream. Continue to go after your dream, regardless of the obstacles, rejection, or things that will be thrown into your path. Go around, go through, or leap over them and remind yourself what this dream really means to you. Going after your dream will give you power that you don’t even know you have. Embrace the challenges because they build character, resiliency and faith. You were born to succeed. You have greatness within you. Les Brown (via moaka)

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