Hamada Yuji from the series “Primal moutains”
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Review on Emma Watson’s Speech on Gender Equality:

To connote feminism as something ‘negative’ is to imply that women striving for the same opportunities and benefits as their male counterparts as wrong. To admit this in my opinion is more embarrassing, then for one to admit that they are a feminist. To be a feminist isn’t something to keep to yourself in spite of others in society reflecting on it badly. As those that reflect on it in pure spite, are in my opinion not educated enough to understand what the term actually represents and identifies with. To silence and belittle your opinions to accord with what society deems appropriate and comfortable, is to do the same harm as those that regard it as an ideology that reflects badly of men. For both actions still result in the vicious perpetuation of gender inequality in our society, that many of us wish to put an end to.

All women deserve equality, opportunities and recognition. And one thing I can not stand more than males putting females down, is when females criticise other females for things that are so inappropriate to our time. Whether it be criticising other womens looks, intelligence, choices or attitude, by discrediting other women, YOU discredit that we deserve better as a gender.

To be a realist on a matter as important as gender equality to me is another failure of our generation. To accept things the way they are out of convenience and stating that change is improbable, is adhering to failure before the cause has even been given a chance. I’d rather women rise to the occasion and still be unequal in the results, then to accept the system because its easier that way. So to conclude, I pledge a world where women support women, a world where feminism is a healthy concept and a world where both men and women can be themselves without the restraints of sexist ideals lingering over them. We are in control of how this ends, so will you take this pledge with me?

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Today was rather weird. So I went to meet my friend to study together, meanwhile as I retreated to the uni library she was at the local library so the miscommunication meant we failed to meet up, quite humorous event nevertheless. After studying in the library I came home and my snap chat went crazy. Its weird but it made me feel loved, even if it was only the slightest indication of how affection may be shown. I felt complacent by others even giving me the time of day and showing that they think of me, even if it was just via the means of something as ridiculous as snap chat. Also, I finally got my introduction just perfect, a stupid descriptive word but the effort I put into it warrants it at this time. In considering that I’m home alone for three weeks, my dog has been anxious about my parents whereabouts, he refused to sleep outside so right now he is snuggled next to me on my bed and it feels wonderful. There is nothing like a pets affection, nothing is comparable to the unwavering love they show day to day.

Today was far from the best. However, I realise that one, clearing my head by taking my dog on walks only induces benefits for myself. Two, rewriting and rereading paragraphs is an effective method in making it as concise and effective as possible. Three, miscommunication can lead to humorous results even if they prove to be inconvenient. Four, friends care about you even if you don’t see them as often as you should. Five, pets are the best thing in this world and no one has the ability to persuade me otherwise. 

[EDIT] How on earth did I forget to highlight the most rewarding and happy moment of my day? Emma Watson’s address to the United Nations, what a hero to all women and finally approaching the negative connotations with the word ‘feminist’. My two cents will be posted shortly.

Debbie Harry, 1978.
From the book Chris Stein / Negative: Me, Blondie, and the Advent of Punk. (x)

The greenhouse on campus is so inspiring ↣
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I’m in a very stressed mindset right now. I have an essay due in a week as of tomorrow but I keep changing my argument… so this means I’ve virtually made no progress. I’m very nervous I won’t complete the 3000 word research essay, yet I know I just need to get to work the next 5 days and get it done so I don’t leave it to the weekend before. I want to be clever in my response, but some times it just gets too complex. Sorry this is a happy project but here I am stating how anxious and stressed I am. Its okay though, because today I’ve learned to remain calm and stay hydrated. I’ve literally drunk so much water, but my stress has also lead me to overeat for procrastination so feeling crappy about that too. I like that I can realise what makes me feel shitty so in future I can avoid feeling like this. I’m currently watching modern family on the TV whilst reading journal articles, its distracting but makes me laugh every now and then. I might go do a few more hours of study before bed. I admire how determined and creative I try to be with my assignments, there you go something to get out of today despite lack of progress on paper.


Jane Birkin & Serge Gainsbourg

Amanda Watters

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