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And never have I felt so deeply at one and, at the same time, so detached from myself, and so present in the world. Albert Camus  (via unmaiden)

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humans are so selfish, I wish we would be the ones to become extinct instead of all of these other beautiful creatures. Especially when it’s our fault.

Hilary Swanks performance in ‘You’re Not You’ is mesmerising. That film hit me in places that have not been hit in a long time. Recommend it. Beware a byproduct of a sea of tears and weeping will result. It makes you think and think and think afterwards, ALS needs more awareness and we need to show our love to all those affected by this insufferable disease. We need a cure. 

I liked the idea of living in a city - any city, especially a strange one - liked the thought of traffic and crowds, of working in a bookstore, waiting tables in a coffee shop, who knew what kind of odd, solitary life I might slip into? Meals alone, walking the dogs in the evening; and nobody knowing who I was. Donna Tartt, The Secret History (via floranymph)

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Daphne Groeneveld backstage at Rochas SS15 PFW 2014.